How We Saved a Client £840/Month

A Puriti Solutions Success Story

In the competitive world of commercial property management, maintaining high standards of cleanliness while controlling costs is a challenge many businesses face. This case study highlights how Puriti Solutions revolutionised the cleaning services for a client with a commercial building in London, ultimately saving them a significant £840 per month.

The Challenge

A local property manager overseeing a large commercial building in London faced high operational costs. They were paying £19 per hour to a cleaning agency, requiring 2.5 hours to clean each floor. Additionally, they incurred separate expenses for carpet cleaning and window cleaning. Each cleaning session cost them a staggering £67.50 per floor. With three cleanings per floor weekly, the cleaning expenses totaled £810 per week, significantly impacting their budget.

Puriti Solutions’ Intervention

When Puriti Solutions stepped in, the goal was clear: streamline the cleaning services while reducing costs. Our proposition was simple yet effective. We offered an all-inclusive service at £600 per week, a stark contrast to the £810 weekly expense the property manager was incurring.

Our Strategy

Our approach focused on efficiency and quality. Puriti Solutions’ trained professionals could comfortably clean each floor in just two hours, compared to the 2.5 hours taken by the previous agency. We charged £25 per hour, including comprehensive carpet cleaning and window cleaning services. This holistic approach not only reduced the time required for cleaning but also eliminated the need for separate services, thus significantly cutting overall costs.

The Results

Switching to Puriti Solutions’ services, the property manager saw immediate financial benefits. Our all-inclusive rate of £600 per week for the entire building represented a substantial saving of £210 weekly, which translates to around £840 monthly. This reduction in operational costs didn’t compromise the quality of service; in fact, our efficient cleaning and premium services enhanced the overall environment, contributing to a more professional and inviting workspace.


This case study demonstrates Puriti Solutions’ commitment to providing top-notch, cost effective cleaning services for commercial properties. Our approach not only streamlined the property manager’s operations but also delivered tangible financial benefits. By choosing Puriti Solutions, property managers can focus more on growing their business, assured that their buildings are in capable and cost-efficient hands.

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